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Friday December 16, 2011 | General

Sid takes time out to answer some of your questions…

What’s your Name?

My name is Sid the Seagull, and I’m a Hip Hop, Bee Bop, Dance till you drop kinda Gull. I’m Hippin’ & Happin’ and…

Ok, We get the message. Can you tell the readers what your highlight of 2011 has been?

Oh right, well there’s been so many great things this year, I dunno which one to choose. Umm, I suppose my highlight has been getting to meet even more boys and girls this year. We got to visit all 24 parks in 2011, right from North Scotland to the South of Cornwall… I’m just glad the Rainbow Flyer was up to the job!  Whey hey! Ooh, that and getting this new website up together! Pheww…

Sounds like you’ve had a really busy time! The website looks great. What’s your favourite feature?

Well… it’s all great, but it’s got to be between two features. First, the Holiday highlights section where all the boys and girls get to choose their favourite activities from their holiday, and then print off their very own unique poster to put on their bedroom wall… That and Sid’s Joke sender. I love jokes so it’s a really cool way of sharing the funnies with my friends all over the country!

What is your favourite joke at the moment?

Umm… err… I’m a cultured kinda bird, with classic tastes and a mature outlook on current affairs… so it’d have to be this one. (Coughs)

Why is a sofa like a roast chicken ?

I don’t know?

Because they’re both full of stuffing ! (Laughs)

Very refined Sid! And finally, what exciting things are you most looking forward to in 2012?

The Troupers have been really busy organizing some great activities for all the families to get involved with. We’ve got the Under the Sea Day, the Parkdean Pop School, The Super Hero Movie Day and my favourite, the Time Trip

Travel Day, where we get to visit different ages and basically… have FUN!!!

Thank you Sid. That was great.

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