Star Town

Question Time

Answer 6 questions and if you get them right you will win a special prize that you can print and keep.

Question 1

Sid and Lizzie live in a place called Startown which is in?

Sid & Lizzie ville

Startown Land

Star City


Question 2

How do Sid and Lizzie travel from park to park?

Walk on the Rainbows

Fly on the Rainbow Flyer



Question 3

What colour are Lizzie's Shoes?


Pink and Purple

White and Pink

Pink and Green

Question 4

Sid and Lizzie have a special friend who makes sure all the prizes are safe. Who is he?

Adam Mc Prize

Amanda Mc Prize

Andy Mc Prize

Peter Mc Prize

Question 5

Complete the name of this Sid & Lizzie Silly Party Dance "The Wibble...





Question 6

Where do Sid and Lizzie travel too to collect the Prizes for the week?

Prize Box Island

Paradise Island

Magic Island

The Supermarket

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