Star Town

Question Time

Answer 6 questions and if you get them right you will win a special prize that you can print and keep.

Question 1

Lizzie the Lizard looks after the magic what, that opens the prize box?





Question 2

Sid and Lizzie have a special friend who makes sure all the prizes are safe. Who is he?

Adam Mc Prize

Amanda Mc Prize

Andy Mc Prize

Peter Mc Prize

Question 3

How old is Sid the Seagull?





Question 4

Sid has a catch phrase, what is it?

I'm a Hip Hop Bee Bop Dance till ya drop kinda Seagull

I'm a Bee Bop Hip Hop Dance till ya drop kinda Seagull

I'm a Hip Hop Loving Dance till ya dropping Seagull

I'm a Dancing Seagull who likes a bit of Hip Hop

Question 5

Whi is the only person who knows the secret password to the Magic Cave?



Andy Mc Prize

No-one, it's a secret!

Question 6

What did Lizzie hatch from?

A Pink Egg

A Green Egg

A Golden Egg

A Purple Egg

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