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Hi everybody, Welcome to our Holiday Hub. Here you can rate your Holiday Activities, create your unique holiday highlights and even give us your ideas on what you would like to do on your next holiday...

Write your name below and then choose 4 of your favourite activities


  • The Tudors

    "Made a crown and became a knight of the royal court, then soaked the Troupers in the stocks."

  • Aviators

    "Took on the ultimate paper plane challenge, met Sid Biggles and flew a giant plane in the target drop."

  • Totes Amaze

    "Met a crazy scientist, created lots of mess with gooey slime and learned how to make water float! Amazing!"

  • Epic Tales - Mulan

    "Experienced life in Ancient China, met Mulan, created my own fire breaking dragon and played ninja attack!"

  • Epic Tales - Thor

    "Experienced life as a Viking, made my own Thor hammer and was part of my own Viking Clan!"

  • SciFi Quest

    "Took my orders from Commander Hawkeswell and became a member Legion X. Completed the quest set and saved the world!"

  • Super Hero Movie Day

    "Stared in my own movie trailer and created my own superhero."

  • Pop School

    "Learnt a dance routine, filmed our own pop video and performed live with Sid & Lizzie."

  • Art and Craft

    "I really enjoyed making and sticking and coloring lots of things on my holiday."

  • Wow

    "entered the competition, attended my rehearsal and performed live on stage"

  • Fun Fitness

    "I joined in with Lizzie and her keep fit moves."

  • Hip Hip Class

    "I joined in with Sid and his funny dancing."

  • Final Scores

    "I found out which team was in lead, my team was the best team."

  • Party Dances

    "I really enjoyed dancing to Sid and Lizzies special party songs."

  • Go Seagulls

    "Go seagulls, Go seagulls, Go Seagulls, yeah!"

  • Go Lizards

    "Go Lizards, Go lizards, Go Lizards, hooray!"

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