Star Town


StarLanders for tots to tenzers. Okay, tenzers isn't a word! But if your 10 or under you'd be mad to miss the fun at Sid & Lizzie's StarLanders Club. Come and see us on selected parks for arty crafty parties, wacky theme days, treasure hunts, movie making and much, much more!

  • SciFi Quest

    Accepting the challenges laid before you, follow our band of futuristic friends on a quest of a lifetime.

  • Epic Tales - Thor

    Battle your way through our Epic Adventure by crafting your own awesome Hammer. Will you posses the power of Thor?

  • Parkdean Pop School

    Create a band name, learn your routine, and sing an original song before starring in your own pop video, then perform live on stage!

  • The Tudors

    The Tudors. Step back in time and become a Knight of the Realm in King Henry VIII's arena.

  • Aviators

    The sky's the limit if you can get off to a flying start. Push your skills to the limit in our ultimate challenges

  • Totes Amaze

    The universe is running out of WOW! and we need your help. With Mad experiments and demonstrations its sure to be a blast!

  • Epic Tales - Mulan

    If Dragons, Ninjas and Karate excite you then head on down to today's Epic Tales Adventure.

  • Super Hero Movie Day

    Create your own unique superhero and star in your very own movie trailer.

  • Time Trip Travels

    Take a step back in time as we explore the 'Egyptians' and hunt for the lost pieces of the magic tablet.

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